Violin Coach Suzanne Cox

Welcome to InstrumentsofRighteousness.com! Music studio of Suzanne Cox.

Serving as a coach and mentor for serious violin students and start up teachers, I’m a violin instructor with a passion for teaching LIFE through music education. I create books and courses for studio management and start-up, as well as music method books to be used by teachers and students alike. I’m all about creating a new awareness/perspective for teaching LIFE through music, as well as teaching the value (and specifics) of solid foundations in technique and posture.

Teaching LIFE through Music Education. Violin Coach Suzanne Cox

Music Studio Coaching

With over 14 years of studio teaching experience, I coach private students, chamber music ensembles, and start-up music teachers. My students have the opportunity to perform in recitals, masterclasses, and festivals throughout the year. Learn more or join the Practice Motivation Club.

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