Skiing with Jonathan

This past Saturday, Jonathan went skiing with me and my family. It was Jonathan’s first time skiing but he got the hang of it really quickly. We started out on the bunny slop and I gave Jonathan a few tips his first time down the hill. He only fell a few times and I could tell he was already starting to get a feel for it. His second time down the bunny hill he didn’t fall at all! I thought,  “What in the world! This is great!” And so I decided he was ready to go to the top of the mountain and face the real adventure. And I was right! He did great and we had a lot of fun together! By the end of the night, Jonathan was skiing as fast as I would ever want to ski.

3 Responses to “Skiing with Jonathan”

  1. Linda says:

    Looks like you had lots of fun. 🙂 Love your smiles!

  2. Lauren says:

    How unfair is that? Why do guys tend to be so much more athletically coordinated? Sigh… (-:
    I guess it’s good though, because it sounds like you had a splendid time and looks like gorgeous weather!

  3. Aunt Marilyn says:

    It looks like you had a terrific time! Your pictures tell it even more than your words!

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