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He asked me! And I said YES!!!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Holding the ring in my hand, I was talking to Suzanne on the phone and came really close to slipping up a few times by accidentally saying what I was thinking about, until the sun sparkled through the diamond and I said “that’s really pretty!” Almost instantly she asked “what’s pretty?” Uh oh! I thought as my mind began to race thinking how I would get myself out of this one. After carefully wiggling my way out I thought – Whew! I’d better get that ring on her finger quick before I really mess up!

The week before I had taken her dad and mom out to eat and talked over some engagement and wedding dates with them. At the time, I was thinking about proposing to her on June 5th. However, the next day I went ring shopping with her sister Christina and decided on a ring that I had been thinking about for a while. Now, with the ring in my hand, I thought over all my proposal ideas. Something just wasn’t quite right; they were a little too traditional for my liking, and I suspected that Suzanne would catch on what I was up to if I did that.

Remembering that Suzanne and I were going fishing that weekend, everything started coming together in my mind, so I waited till Suzanne had gone to teach violin and called her parents to ask if they would be okay with me proposing to her that weekend which they said was fine.

As I was talking to Jonathan on the phone, he suddenly said, “that’s really pretty!” I tried to get him to tell me what was so pretty but he wouldn’t budge. When I got off the phone, I told Mom about it and told her I thought he must have been looking at rings on a website or something. I didn’t really think much of it because I knew Jonathan was shopping for my ring. He’d been shopping for and talking to me about rings for several weeks.

Saturday Jonathan and I were planning to go fishing. I woke up early and started getting things ready for our fishing trip. Jonathan was supposed to arrive about 8 am, but I figured he might sleep in. I called him at about 7:30 to see if he was on his way or not, and wasn’t surprised to find that he hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. I encouraged him to hurry up and come see me and then continued preparing things for the day. I packed my backpack with fishing stuff, got some lunch together, and did some necessary chores around the house. I also put some things away that I didn’t want to risk Jonathan seeing; different surprises I had for him. I had made Jonathan a gift to give him the day we got engaged but I was taking my time completely finishing it because I wanted to be able to tell him his surprise wasn’t done yet whenever he’d ask me about it. Mom saw me hiding my engagement present for him and asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to wrap it so it’d be ready – I said “Mom, it’s not like we’re getting engaged today or anything!”

That morning was really rainy, and I was tired from working all week so I decided I would just sleep in a little bit. After all, I figured Suzanne would be less suspecting if I didn’t act like there was anything special happening that day. Carefully tucking the ring in my right pocket, I loaded my car and said goodbye to my family. Mom told me she would be praying for sun, and I was too; it certainly didn’t seem like a very good day for asking a girl to marry me.

As I got off the freeway and started heading to her house, I nearly forgot to stop at the store and buy my Washington fishing license. Thankfully they didn’t require any bridal tags, the lure and out of state fishing license was already expensive enough! Before long though I was at her house loading up the poles and other gear; seeing my church clothes sitting in the back of my car I said “how about we put these inside” she thought that was a good idea, so I took them inside. As soon as I lay my church clothes down I went to show Mrs. Farnell the ring and tell her what my plans were for the day, but just as Mrs. Farnell saw the ring, Suzanne walked in the front door wondering what was taking me so long. I didn’t want her to wonder what I was talking to her mom about, so thinking on my feet I looked over at the kitchen table, and spying some leftover biscuits from breakfast I said “oh, how about we take some biscuits with us!” – Whew! That was close 😉

I kept myself busy until Jonathan got to my house around 10am. After eating some breakfast, we loaded our fishing stuff into his car and were about ready to leave. He took his church clothes out of the back of his car and said he was going to take them in the house. I didn’t know he was planning to stay for church the next day too! How exciting! I waited outside while he took his clothes in the house. After putting all my things in the car, I headed back in the house to see why he hadn’t come back out yet. I saw him in the kitchen talking to Mom. I wondered what he was doing, but knew he likes to surprise me with little things frequently. I figured he was just letting Mom know he was staying for Sunday too. Jonathan suggested that I get some biscuits to take with us and then we headed back out the door.

We enjoyed the beautiful drive up the Lewis River to our special fishing spot on one of the dams. I found the fisherman’s trail down the ridge to the lake; we grabbed our things out of the car and headed down the hill. As we climbed down the ridge, we found a nice spot to take a couple pictures with Swift Reservoir in the background. When we got down to the lake and started getting our poles ready for fishing, I saw Jonathan looking around at the scenery and the sky. I asked him what he was looking at and he said nothing and then commented that his mom had said she’d pray for sun. I noticed the sun was starting to come through the clouds and thought it was nice of his mom to pray for sun for our fishing trip, though it did seem a little odd. But, I wanted to show Jonathan I knew how to catch a fish so I just went right back to getting my pole ready for fishing. I was quite the focused fisherman that morning, lucky for Jonathan.

After getting our poles all ready for fishing, Jonathan suggested that I fish first. Again, I thought that was a little strange but didn’t give it much thought because I still really wanted to show Jonathan I knew how to catch a fish. 🙂 I figured that since we had never been fishing together before, he must just want to watch me fish. He was still messing with his pole too so I figured he must not be quite ready. When he said I should fish first, I shrugged my shoulders, took a few steps down towards the water and went about my business fishing.

Arriving at the fishing hole I thought – this is just perfect, and the sun is coming out too. Thank you Lord! Suzanne was busy getting her pole ready, so I took off my rain coat and felt my pocket to make sure the ring was still safely tucked inside while I started to get my pole ready too. The first swivel I tied on broke which wasn’t very comforting, but after carefully checking the second one I decided it would be okay and asked Suzanne if she would like to go first. As soon as she turned her back I quickly took the lure off my line, and reaching in my pocket pulled out the ring. since I knew I would be using someone else’s pole, the night before I had tied about 3 feet of fishing line on the ring with a slip knot at the end so that I could quickly tie the line to the pole if I didn’t have a swivel. Since I did have a swivel I cut the line off the ring, but about then Suzanne turned around and looked at me. She didn’t seem to be suspecting of anything so I carried on, and she said “I’m not impressed.” Clipping the ring on to the swivel, I said “just watch, I bet I’ll catch one on the first cast.”

As I threw the line over her shoulder my heart and mind were racing thinking this is it I hope it works! At first she seemed to be a little annoyed at me, then she turned her head and said “what are you doing!?” Dangling the line over her shoulder didn’t seem to be working, so I started swinging it in front of her face, then all of sudden she dropped her pole and grabbed the ring, holding it tightly in her fist as I reeled her up the hill to where I was standing.

Jonathan was messing around with his pole behind me as I cast into the lake several times. I wasn’t getting any bites so I looked over my shoulder at Jonathan and said, “I’m not impressed.” With a silly grin on his face he teasingly said, “well, I bet I can catch one on the first cast.” I just ignored his comment and kept fishing. Next thing I knew, Jonathan was dangling his fishing line over my shoulder. Thinking it had a hook on it, I was slightly annoyed with him and tried to push the line away as I wondered why he would want to hook me. And then I saw it. There was no hook on that line! The lure was MY RING!!!!! I couldn’t believe this was really happening. In fact, I was afraid to believe it was the real thing because Jonathan had given me a hose clamp just for fun a few weeks earlier. My mind was racing instantly as I grabbed the ring and clasped it tightly in my hand. Could it be!? Was he really going to propose to me? Here!? Right now??? As I turned and looked at him, I knew it was really happening. My Jonathan was going to ask me to marry him!

“I got one! I got one!” I said, reeling her up the hill “I told you I would catch one on the first cast!” All she could do was stand there and smile at me, so taking the ring off the line I got down on my right knee and said “will you marry me?” And you know what? She said YES!

We’re getting married!!! On September 18th, 2010!!! I love you Jonathan!!!…