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Showers of Blessing

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

After returning home from our honeymoon and getting settled into our new place, Jonathan and I decided we would hunt during late muzzleloader season for deer and elk. After spending several days tromping around in the woods, I was starting to get pretty discouraged. I had seen several deer and even had my gun miss-fire when I tried to shoot one of them. I hadn’t seen any elk at all. There was snow on the ground when we first started hunting which was very nice, it made it very easy to tell whether tracks were fresh or not and also easy to follow the trails. But, even with that advantage I still hadn’t been able to get anything. I was, however, enjoying the fellowship with other hunters (people from my church) and spending time in the woods…at least on the nice days. 🙂 But I was getting pretty tired of waking up at 4:30am, walking around in the woods alllll day long, getting soaked and cold on rainy days, and it was especially frustrating when the woods seemed to be lifeless.

When the alarm rang at 5am on Tuesday, November 30th I did not want to get up and go tromping around in the woods all day. I could hear the rain pouring on the roof. I knew I was going to be soaked and cold within an hour. But, I got up, put on my hunting clothes, ate some breakfast, and went to meet up with the others to go out hunting. I started praying for a deer as I sloshed my way down the muddy trail, already feeling the rain soaking through my gortex jacket.

We arrived at the clearcut and my hunting companions slipped into the cut at various points. I decided to walk a little higher than I had in the past before stepping out into the cut. I rounded a corner and spotted a deer grazing way up high on the hill ahead of me. I pointed it out to John, an experienced hunter, who was still with me to find out if he thought we could sneak up on it somehow. As we were discussing it, I caught motion out of the corner of my eye.  “There!” I said to John, as I cocked my gun and turned towards the two deer that started running up the hill right beside the road. As I excitedly pulled my gun to my shoulder to take aim John had to help me out, “No fooling around now, get down on one knee.” Oh that’s right, I thought, as I remembered that I could hold the gun steady if I was on one knee instead of standing up. “Now just wait.” John said as he put his elk call to his lips and made a noise to catch the deer’s attention. The two deer stopped to look back from the top of the rise, on of them standing broad-side to me. “Okay, take it!” John said. I already had her in my sights, I double checked my aim and pulled the trigger. “BOOM!” I eagerly looked up and watched with great disappointment as one deer ran to the right and the other ran to the left. “I missed.” I said. “Oh no you didn’t!” John said.

“But they both ran away.”

“You saw two run away?”


“Well, that was a different deer then. You hit that deer, I’ve seen a lot of shots and I know you hit that deer. I saw it jump.”

He sent me out in the clearcut to look for the deer even though I was sure I had missed. I looked all around and just as I was about to give up I saw my deer laying about 8 feet from where I had shot her. “She’s over hear!!!” I yelled to John. “She’s over hear!”

Showers of Blessing

The bullet had gone right through the heart. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t really been very confident in my aim when I pulled the trigger. That’s why I was so sure I had missed when I saw two deer run away. God had just given me the deer I was praying for. I was glad to see the bullet went right through the heart because that meant she died right away and didn’t really have to suffer.

John helped me get the meat off the deer and then Pastor carried it out to the truck for me on his pack frame. I shot the deer at 9am and I was so tired and soaking wet already that I just decided to go home. I had violin lessons scheduled for the afternoon anyways. It sure was a blessing to be taking meet home with me at last.

Jonathan and I decided to name our deer Showers of Blessing because we knew God gave her to us, the meet was a great blessing, and I shot her while it was pouring rain.