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Spring Gardening

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Spring has finally arrived and I am so glad! 🙂 I’ve been keeping myself busy with lots and lots of plants. I’m planning on a very big garden this year and am waiting rather impatiently for the weather to get warmer.

Our rototilled gardenJonathan and his Mom are finishing up our first “double dug” bed

Double Dug Garden BedDoesn’t it look nice? Those roots should be happy!

PansiesJonathan bought me LOTS of pansies this year! I’m quite happy about it. 🙂 He found them on sale at Wilco and bought me 12 pansies!!! I had fun turning this into a hanging basket by gathering moss from the woods and then filling it with potting soil. It looks really cool and hangs right in front of my kitchen window.

Chicken penJonathan built this pen to attach to the back of the coop for our hens but we’ve been using it to keep our baby chickens safe. We bought 4 to start with, lost 2, and now we have 2 brand new ones which I forgot to get a picture of, sorry.

SnowballThis is Snowball, a silkie and VERY friendly and sweet, not to mention cute. 😉

Strawberry bedI read that onions will help strawberries fight diseases. Ours had some trouble last year so I thought I’d do an experiment. I planted about 50 walla walla onion starts in between my strawberries. I also put some red leaf lettuce in.

PlantsAnd now for the plants. 🙂 How do you like my choice of pots? 🙂 What you see here is a few herbs, cosmos, cabbage, and lettuce. I started these indoors and moved them outside about 2 weeks ago. I carry them inside the porch on cold nights but they seem to be doing just fine outside. This is nice because I need my inside space for other plants!

TomatoesMy Tomatoe plants have done well, just as I prayed they would. I started them in late January and am starting to wonder if that was too early. They are getting very big! They were in the house until about a month ago when we moved them outside into a make shift greenhouse.

TomatoeThey are quite sturdy really and about to blossom. The only thing they don’t like is direct sunlight. I guess they’re not hardened off yet. Not sure how I’m going to get them used to it but it will happen in time, hopefully.

PlantsThis here is my indoor garden. I took the glass out of my coffee table, put my plants on the glass, raised it up close to the top with canning jars and laid my grow lights across the top. It works great and keep the plants out of my way. Frees up my counter space too. Last year I grew everything on my counters.

PlantsHere you get a close up of the items in the coffee table. This is full of panises, alyssum, nasturtium, and watermelon.

PlantsThe other side of the coffee table holds thyme, chammomile, marjoram, parsley, cucumbers, and corn.

PlantsAnd then for the plants that are on the kitchen counter. 🙂 I did still have to give up some counter space. The stacks of boards allow me to lower the plants as needed to keep them just barely under the lights while they grow.

WatermelonThese are my watermelon plants. They are only 4 weeks old but they almost have 6 leaves already! I am very pleased with them. Not sure if their stems are supposed to be so leggy but they did that to me last year too and it worked out.

PeppersAnd then lastly, my peppers. They are growing very well too. 🙂

Aloe VeraAnd then one final photo. 🙂 This is my aloe vera plant that Linda gave me several months ago. It’s had a rough go of things but it seems to be doing well now. And look, it has two little babies popping up beside it! I thought they were cute. 🙂 It’s really fun to have so many plants around. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed with taking care of so many but as long as I work with a few types each day, it is manageable. I forgot to get pictures of my celery too. I’m keeping that on the front porch. I’ve never grown it before and I’m very surprised how slowly it grows! Will have to start it much earlier next year. Well, hope you enjoyed the picture update. 🙂 I keep trying to be more regular about updating my blog but I just never seem to have enough time online for it.