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Our Garden 2014 – Part 1

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

We arrived at the end of March to a bare, untouched patch of land.



Within a few days it looked like this


Still on the side of a hill though so Jonathan started moving the dirt around with his super rototiller.



Aww, looking so much better. Still much work to be done before planting though! We are located right next to a wildlife refuge so deer are a huge huge HUGE problem!!! And so began the fence building…



Check out the incredible view, by the way! Enjoy it every day.

Marching the fence around the corner, one rail at a time. Jonathan cut all the rails out of trees from the property.



Slow but sure progress!


A sneak peak at the labor intensive process.




And then for the finishing touch! I am so proud of this beautiful gate Jonathan built! He started with trees, milled the wood down, cut, carved, and assembled all in one day! I was impressed!!! And I enjoy looking at this gate every time I’m in the garden.



And now, at long last, we’re ready to prep the soil for planting! Finally, something I can do!


The 9 foot fence is complete, the beds are raked up, Let’s get to planting!!!



In spite of the fence, the deer have been in the garden twice! Amazing! But the fence is still keeping the garden safe enough. Little did we know the challenges ahead of us for this gardening season. Deer, nutrient deficient clay soil, bugs, watering issues, among other challenges. Part II coming soon!


Wedding Photo Book

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

I just found out I could share our wedding photo book on here. Enjoy the pictures from our outdoor wedding on September 18th, 2010!

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