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Kitchen Makeover

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

We have been living in our little home for well over a year now and we love it! There are still projects here and there, things we would like to change, etc. Just this week we finished painting the kitchen. This is something I have wanted to do since day one! I am very happy with the results!

Sadly, this is the only “before” picture I have.

Here I am contemplating colors. Seriously! Apparently I have no artistic sense at all. I picked the blue colors on the left, Jonathan picked the greenish blue on the right. We asked 6 people to vote and all 6 of them voted for Jonathan’s color choice! Frustrating for me! But after stubbornly painting MY color up there first, I had to agree with the others. Sea Tickle won the color competition! 

  The finished product adds so much bright cheer to our house! It also makes the space feel bigger.



Quaker Style Chicken Coop

Friday, June 26th, 2015

“Home built 5×8 Chicken Coop. Quaker style. For sale: $1,200. Nest box doors split to provide food storage. Will safely house up to 25 hens. Vinyl windows with sliders provide ventilation. Delivery available.”

Jonathan just finished building this nice Chicken House. We are thinking of decorating the interior with some curtains just for fun. More pictures coming soon, just the exterior and building process for now.   

I came home from teaching one day and he had been to the lumber store and started working.    

  Dad, Mom, and Grandma came down for a visit. Grandma supervised while Dad helped Jonathan with the roof.


The Nest box is divided for food storage space. Pretty cool! Fits 3 bags of feed nicely.

 The Girls are anxious to move in but it looks like they have to wait a while because this one is hot on the market this weekend! 

Jonathan did most of the painting but I did get to help! I painted the interior. I also put the tar paper on the roof.  I love helping him on projects whenever I can! 

Garden 2015

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

 Please click the link below to watch a video of the scenery I get to enjoy everyday from my garden and a pan around the garden to show you what we are growing this year. So thankful and blessed to live In such a beautiful place!

 Garden video tour 2015

 This years garden has been doing really well so far! We were able to get a nice early start and we have had some very beautiful spring weather. Some of the things we had intended for fall crops last year survived the winter and got a jump start on the cool weather of spring. Because of this I was able to harvest our first head of cabbage yesterday! Not only was it the first head this year, it was the first head I have ever successfully grown! I know cabbage is supposed to be easy to grow, but somehow I failed 4 years in a row!   

    I have also always failed with onions. So much so, in fact, that Jonathan asked me why I was planting them this year! But look at them! I am so excited, they are doing so much better. I read online that each leaf shoot represents a ring of onion being developed. Interesting! I also read that one should NOT pull the weeds around their onions. This was a fascinating thought for me. They said I should cut the weeds off at the ground instead of pulling them. This leaves the tender roots of the union bulbs as undisturbed as possible. Makes sense!!! 

I am trying to grow lots of flowers in my garden this year. Partly because I like them and they are pretty, partly because I can’t grow them near the house or the deer will eat them, and partly to attract bees. I am growing some unique heirloom varieties and am excited to see what they look like in bloom doesn’t look like I have to wait too much longer! 

And then here are some random pictures around the garden. Enjoy! 


Macchiato the Kitten

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

We welcomed a new ball of fluff into our home this spring.  

Her name came along as a good fit because she always seems to be on an espresso high! She is so frisky! Until it’s time to sleep that is…


We enjoy having her around even though she seems a bit mean with her rough play sometimes. 



Garden 2015

Sunday, June 21st, 2015