Garden 2015

 Please click the link below to watch a video of the scenery I get to enjoy everyday from my garden and a pan around the garden to show you what we are growing this year. So thankful and blessed to live In such a beautiful place!

 Garden video tour 2015

 This years garden has been doing really well so far! We were able to get a nice early start and we have had some very beautiful spring weather. Some of the things we had intended for fall crops last year survived the winter and got a jump start on the cool weather of spring. Because of this I was able to harvest our first head of cabbage yesterday! Not only was it the first head this year, it was the first head I have ever successfully grown! I know cabbage is supposed to be easy to grow, but somehow I failed 4 years in a row!   

    I have also always failed with onions. So much so, in fact, that Jonathan asked me why I was planting them this year! But look at them! I am so excited, they are doing so much better. I read online that each leaf shoot represents a ring of onion being developed. Interesting! I also read that one should NOT pull the weeds around their onions. This was a fascinating thought for me. They said I should cut the weeds off at the ground instead of pulling them. This leaves the tender roots of the union bulbs as undisturbed as possible. Makes sense!!! 

I am trying to grow lots of flowers in my garden this year. Partly because I like them and they are pretty, partly because I can’t grow them near the house or the deer will eat them, and partly to attract bees. I am growing some unique heirloom varieties and am excited to see what they look like in bloom doesn’t look like I have to wait too much longer! 

And then here are some random pictures around the garden. Enjoy! 


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  1. Mikaela says:

    Your garden looks awesome! I’m just doing one small bed this year, since tending to it is not the most comfortable thing at 7.5 months pregnant!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Hi Mikaela! Thanks. 🙂 I can’t blame you, even I get a belly ache sometimes from all the bending over! Hope you are well!

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