Kitchen Makeover

We have been living in our little home for well over a year now and we love it! There are still projects here and there, things we would like to change, etc. Just this week we finished painting the kitchen. This is something I have wanted to do since day one! I am very happy with the results!

Sadly, this is the only “before” picture I have.

Here I am contemplating colors. Seriously! Apparently I have no artistic sense at all. I picked the blue colors on the left, Jonathan picked the greenish blue on the right. We asked 6 people to vote and all 6 of them voted for Jonathan’s color choice! Frustrating for me! But after stubbornly painting MY color up there first, I had to agree with the others. Sea Tickle won the color competition! 

  The finished product adds so much bright cheer to our house! It also makes the space feel bigger.




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