Quaker Style Chicken Coop

“Home built 5×8 Chicken Coop. Quaker style. For sale: $1,200. Nest box doors split to provide food storage. Will safely house up to 25 hens. Vinyl windows with sliders provide ventilation. Delivery available.”

Jonathan just finished building this nice Chicken House. We are thinking of decorating the interior with some curtains just for fun. More pictures coming soon, just the exterior and building process for now.   

I came home from teaching one day and he had been to the lumber store and started working.    

  Dad, Mom, and Grandma came down for a visit. Grandma supervised while Dad helped Jonathan with the roof.


The Nest box is divided for food storage space. Pretty cool! Fits 3 bags of feed nicely.

 The Girls are anxious to move in but it looks like they have to wait a while because this one is hot on the market this weekend! 

Jonathan did most of the painting but I did get to help! I painted the interior. I also put the tar paper on the roof.  I love helping him on projects whenever I can! 

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