In search of raspberries, I visited a small farm just up the road from us. What a nice little operation of self-serve berry picking with friendly owners! I was a little disappointed to find that raspberry season is bacially over already. I did pick 3lbs raspberries, 4lbs of blueberries, and 5lbs of Boysenberries. Boysenberry jam was one of my favorites when I was little…but it is nothing like homemade. I would say my homemade boysenberry jam tastes like half raspberry, half blackberry. It is good, just not what I remember. After teaching half the day, and picking all these berries, I still had energy to make my batch of jam and put the leftover berries in the freezer.


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  1. Pam says:

    All of those berries will taste so good this winter. You do an amazing job of putting food by. Pam

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