August Garden Update

We are all feeling dry and hot this summer. As I was looking out the window this morning, I mentioned to Jonathan that the scenery looked like I was in California! Our beautiful garden is hanging on inspite of it all though, thank the Lord!

A panorama just before sunset two days ago. Green haven in the midst of the dessert, ha!

My mother-inlaw was thrilled to see my Pacific Statice flowers I grew from seed. They are a lot of fun. I enjoyed having lots of flowers throughout the garden this year. I hope to find room for even more color next year!

 The full garden as I headed over this morning for some updated photos.

 I do love the Sunflowers. I can’t grow enough of them!

This is a beautiful pepper but we are struggling to keep the majority healthy. Many of them are brown on the bottoms. It is sad after all that work. Hope they come out of it quickly andproduce many healthy peppers

 The pie pumpkins are getting ready to take over the walk path!


My green beans outgrew their trellis so I added an extension. Will save those high ones for seed.

 Happy to see this Brandywine tomatoe turning orange at last. This variety does not like something in the soil here so we really had to work to keep them growing.

Watermelon!!! No, not really. It’s called Orangelo. Like watermelon but it has orange flesh. Excited to try it!

 This is a jumbo melon…whatever that is. I have forgotten what the package said it would taste like. If we can keep the squrriels out, we should be able to taste some of these soon.

A freshpotof flowers Jonathan bought for me last month. 🙂

 Let those sunny faces make you smile!

Corn. Having a hard time getting enough water but ears are forming.

 Thinking ahead this year! These are my fall starts. Thankful again for the greenhouse. I could not have sprouted these without the sun protection the greenhouse provided. Now to get an area of the garden prepped for fall crops!

And another surprise from my sweet man. Jonathan bought these strings of flower solar lights for me to enjoy in the garden when I am out there watering at O-dark-thirty! We should call ourselves the midnight gardeners.

 They put off a decent amount of light too.

Now this guy REALLY puts out the light! Nothing like seeing your plants with artificial lighting, they look different. This big guy is like being out on the football field. Very nice!


6 Responses to “August Garden Update”

  1. Matthew says:

    Looks nice. How are the wood chips working?

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thanks! They are nice but help with weeds more than anything. Also helps the soil take in the water. I still have to water a lot and the chips I put down in early spring are already almost all turned to dirt. We will rake all the chips back to put more compost into the soil next year…what fun!

  3. Carolyn Ford says:

    Thanks – lovely. I wish I were close & could beg or buy a pumpkin or 2 from you, and those melons look good and the peppers & all. The flowers are lovely too. I just got back from Banna NT dedication – God blessed, but my camera got broken when I was called up front – a child got hold of it. I’m glad I didn’t take my computer!

  4. Cherith says:

    Beautiful garden!!! Love it! So jealous 🙂 Please know your scenery is absolutely beautiful! Love the trees. Wish I could come help you in all the canning and preserving this fall!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Thank you! I enjoy all of it every day and thank the Lord for it! Truly a living blessing. Would love your help…3 boxes of organic fruit coming in tomorrow and the tomatoes are turning and the list goes on! Blessed.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Would be glad to share with you. Am sure you would enjoy the mini decorative pumpkins as well. Picked our first melon today…a little early but still tasty.

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