Summer Music Course – Violin Lessons

This week I am launching my free (for a limited time) online Summer Music Course, Violin Lessons! The first video lesson goes live June 29th, 2016 and the course ends August 31st, 2016. This 10 week course will cover all your basics from instrument maintenance to playing your first tunes!! I will do my best to give each participant as much personal feedback as I can throughout the course by way of comments, Facebook, email, etc.


Each lesson will include:

  • Review of the previous weeks lesson
  • New material
  • Specific practice instructions
  • Worksheets to reinforce new concepts

If you would like to join this course, please join the Mailing List, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can be the first to hear when I upload the next Lesson. Remember, this course is free for a limited time only! Once we complete the first cycle through this course, it will be offered for purchase.

To begin, let me share my video “Intro to Instruments of Righteousness” with you:


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