Beginner’s Guide – Violin

What You Will Need
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Violin/Bow/Case – I recommend that students purchase their own instrument. I feel that the student will be more committed if the student invests in an instrument right away. The student will also be more motivated to enjoy and protect the personally owned instrument. In addition, purchasing is a more economical option in the long run. If the student is not ready for a 4/4 size instrument yet, most violin shops offer a 100% trade in policy. This means that they will credit the money you invest in the smaller instrument toward the purchase of the next size. For good quality, reasonable instruments, – $178.00- $288.00 Amazon also has some great options! Violin Outfit 4/4 (Full) Size

Shoulder Rest – Please find and purchase a nice quality shoulder rest. Be sure to match the size (4/4, 3/4, etc.) of the shoulder rest to the size of the violin. Some good brands include Everest or Kun. You can find these here: Everest Shoulder Rest for 4/4 – 3/4 Violin
or at your local music store.

Quality Strings – It is important for the student to be able to produce a good sound from the instrument as soon as possible. High quality strings will make a world of difference for them. Please invest in some nice strings such as Dominant or Obligato. Available online from Amazon: Thomastik Dominant 4/4 Violin String Set
Again, please match sizing: 4/4, 3/4, etc. Keep a spare set in your case.

Rosin – Your violin bow needs to be rosined once per every 4 hours of playing. Be careful not to use too much, a beginner usually needs to rosin their bow about once a week. Any rosin will do, darker colored rosins are better. You may need to scratch the surface of your rosin to break the seal. Otto Natural Rosin Regular For Violin/Viola/Cello With Italian Ingredients For violin / viola / cello With Italian ingridients

Music Books  – I will order your first set of music books for you. I pick out specific books based on the needs/interest of each student. Books may include A Tune a Day, The Pascale Method for Beginning Violin
, and Suzuki Violin School: Vol. 1
. Having a music dictionary on hand is very helpful during practice at home. Essential Dictionary of Music: Pocket Size Book
is a great dictionary.

Music Stand – Having an adjustable music stand is essential to good violin posture. It is important for the music to be up at eye level to encourage the student to keep the violin held up. Manhasset is a great brand, available on Amazon.

Instrument Maintenance
The violin is a very valuable instrument that requires special attention in order to keep it in its best working condition. The importance of instrument maintenance must be made clear to the student from the very start.


  • Store in the case
  •  Keep case stored at constant temperature (Away from heaters).
  • Wipe off all parts of the instrument after use.
  • Never use water when cleaning your instrument.


  • Dust the rosin off the strings on a daily basis.
  •  Replace strings when they begin to unwind.
  •  Always keep a spare set of strings on hand.


  • Store in the case.
  •   Loosen horsehair slightly after use.
  •   Cut broken pieces of hair off the stick.
  •   Have a professional rehair the bow once a year.


  • It is easy to break strings during tuning if not done properly.
  • Be sure your are turning the correct peg/tuner for the string you are working with.
  • Fine tuners should always be used if possible, avoid using the main pegs.