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Garden update

Monday, July 6th, 2015

The garden is doing beautifullly!!! We are very happy and feel blessed considering this is only our 2nd year gardening on this soil. Last year we were not able to add much organic matter to the clay soil. This year we hauled in 3 truck loads of composted cow manure, a free load of wood chips from a tree trimmer and another load of wood chips that we picked up with our truck. What a difference!  
My little flower garden by the front gate. Nasturtiums, Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, Pacific Statice, Marvel of Peru, and potted petunias. Close up of Kiss Me flowers below.

  Farmer Jonathan built this tomato cage out of old hog panels. Works splendid! We stick poles through the wires for added support as the tomatoes get taller. So far, my favortie tomato support system.  
I call this the Plant Cemetery. Perhaps a bad name considering nothing is dead here…but this is where everything went that needed a home and I couldn’t decide where to plant it. 🙂 We have Dill, lots of flowers, chives, cat nip, fennel, sunflowers, Borage and sage.

  On the other side of the walk path we have Statice, Marvel of Peru, Pumpkins, Oregano, Basil, and some carrots.  
Poor Larry the Cucumber Rock is struggling to stay visible! Good thing these cucs are growing so well as we are eating up our very last jar of pickles!!


 Farmer Jonathan’s pepper plants are doing swell too! Look how dark green and healthy these guys are! Happy!

  We harvested our cabbages and garlic, then ripped this area out, rotatilled in some home made compost, and planted my pitiful pumpkins that needed transplanting at least a month ago! Hope they snap out of being root bound and get growing fast. Don’t those wood chips look great!?  
The strawberries are doing much better too! They are so enthusiastic, they’re making new plants! Maybe they were feeling lonely. Glad to see them happy.

Did you notice the changes here? My lavendar plants were not too fond of their water can pot. So, I dug around in the dirt, added a bit of potting soil, heaped on some nice wood chips, and planted my French, Dutch, and English Lavendar plants here beside the greenhouse! Hope to get some lovely Lavendar blooms soon.

  And while I’m out doing my Lavendar transplanting, Farmer Jonathan is busy clearing brush out of the way to install his new Chicken House. The girls are MORE than ready for move in day!!